Value to Suppliers

Leading companies recognize that procurement plays a vital role in any effort to achieve sustainable practices within their organization. In fact, many service providers are beginning to mandate compliance with both internal governance and compliance-based regulations. Suppliers that fail to adopt sustainable practices, in some cases, will no longer be able to do business with them. Much more than just being motivated through service provider requirements, suppliers can expect reduced costs, better risk management, new sources of revenue and a boost in the value of their brand.

The Assessor tool and our related services help suppliers capture and calculate the financial, reputational and risk management benefits of instituting a sustainability plan or process within their organization. We then quantify those benefits to give you and your stakeholders a common, measurable benchmark to plan by.

For EH&S, procurement, CSR, and for suppliers responding to a CSR assessment request, Assessor is the tool companies need to build their sustainability story and differentiate their company from the competition.

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