Sustainability in the ICT Market

Sustainability is of vital importance to the successful continuation of the business. In the last 20 years, we have seen markets become constrained by available resources resulting in greater price volatility and environmental issues such as extreme weather events making building resilient and modern telecommunications networks ever more difficult. Whilst sustainability poses a risk to all organizations, there is also significant opportunity.

Through the use of smart ICT technologies, a GeSI study estimates 9.1 Gigatonnes of Carbon Dioxide can be saved by 2020 and the Ellen MacArthur foundation estimates the Circular Economy opportunity to be worth $700bn in the consumer goods sector. Studies of consumer behavior show that millennials are 3 times more likely than other age groups to pay more for a sustainable product and check the packaging for sustainable labeling.

What Part Does the Supply Chain Play in Providing Sustainable Products and Services?

The supply chain is a hugely important piece in delivering sustainable products and services. Forward thinking companies have undertaken research into the locations of significant environmental impact along the value chain. For many organizations, research is showing that in excess of 90% of their environmental impact originates in their supply chain. Therefore, the supply chain represents an area of great opportunity to improve the sustainability of our products and services.

How This Tool Can Help You

This online assessment tool is designed to help suppliers to benchmark their sustainability performance against best practice and suggests priority actions. We invite suppliers to take the assessment periodically to measure their improvements.

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