Design Your Own Sustainability Plan

Assessor helps you determine which areas to address first based on your priorities. So, whether you are looking for operational cost reductions, risk and brand management, product and service innovation, sales growth, are responding to legislation or just need stakeholder engagement, you choose the path. You choose the priority. And we’ll tell you how to improve.

A Simple Step-by-Step Process

We’ve designed the Assessor sustainability management tool to be easy to use. In fact, most assessments can be done in less than half an hour. Each step is carefully laid out to produce the maximum value with a minimal amount of effort.

Step 1: Select From One of 6 Market Segments

Your business segment may have different needs than others. Assessor accounts for this by narrowing the requirements, regulations, and opportunities to only those areas that affect your segment.

Step 2: Prioritize Your Sustainability Needs

Step 3: Complete a Sustainability Questionnaire

Each step in the 10 step sustainability model is aligned to a set of questions used to assess and benchmark your company. Simply select a step, and answer the questions.

Step 4: Get Your Analysis

From your answers, the Assessor sustainability tool compiles your results, provides you scores in each of the 10 steps and gives you a detailed analysis of the results along with steps to take to improve your score.

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