You Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Below are a standard set of questions we get regarding the Assessor tool and administration of the tool. Please check here and if you don't see what you are looking for, send us a note.

General Questions

1What is the Assessor?
The Assessor is the latest evolution of the QuEST Forum Sustainability Initiative Data Submission tool. The Assessor provides a user friendly interface to assess and guide your organization’s progress on CSR and Sustainability.
2Who developed the standards for the Assessor?
The Assessors roots come from the award winning work done by epi Consulting and British Telecom. Over the years, a number of members from QuEST Forum have optimized the tool for worldwide adoption for any company interested in raising their practices in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.
3Why should I choose the Assessor over other Sustainability and CSR tools?
The Assessor is the only platform that is built from the ground up to enable the Sustainability Journey. Use of the Assessor coupled with participation in TIA’s Business Performance Community Sustainability Workgroup enables companies of all sizes to optimize and create more efficient CSR and Sustainability practices.
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