Need Additional Support for Your Sustainability Programs?

Assessor was developed in conjunction with key ICT providers, consultants, and non-profit organizations. Our close partnership with the ICT community puts us in a unique position of offering sustainability consulting, benchmarking and development programs that can help you reach your sustainability and profitability goals.

We want you to get the most out of your green initiatives. To enable this, we have three types of support services: Pre-sales Support, Implementation Support, and Technical Support. While everyone has unlimited access to Pre-Sales Support, Technical and Implementation Support generally requires an additional support contract arranged through TIA.

Below is a small sampling of those services and programs.

Name of Service


Assessor Report Analysis and Implementation Planning Need assistance analyzing the report generated by the Assessor. Our Sustainability Consulting Team is available for feedback calls to discuss findings and assist you in building a custom implementation plan that works for you.
Implementation Support Agreement A successful implementation of your sustainability program requires coordination and planning from many people throughout an organization. To help, customers can purchase support packaging to support your implementation roll-out. This may include:

  • A phone support pack of 10 man days (80 man hours) available for use over the year on a call basis for telephone helpline support with the implementation of CSR / Sustainability best practice team.
  • Annual base level support for a “Host Supplier” to manage registration and provide first and second line technical support to a Host Supplier and its users (for supply chain rollouts).
Webinar-based Training Series Our 10 step sustainability model was designed to address each challenge of an effect sustainability program. The Assessor solution was designed around this model. Based on your role within the organization, training may be required to understand the steps and reasoning behind each step in the model. We have two online training types to help:

  • Public training webinars are half day courses conducted on a regular training schedule based on public demand.
  • In-house (private) training webinars are also conducted for a half day, however, content can be custom tailored to the needs of the customer. It may also include case studies and custom slide material based on the market or issues related to the customer. Topics may include the standard 10 step model training or customized upon request.
Implementation Case Studies As a part of your internal or supplier roll out, you may wish to present a program detailing implementation success stories and implementation case studies that align with your objectives. Out implementation can develop these for you at cost. Contact us for pricing details.
Sustainability Assessor Software Enhancement and Customization Assessor was built with inputs from key leaders in the ICT community along with a top-notch development team. Our developers can bring this expertise to you and make it available to our customers. From custom branding to functionality, we are here to help with advice and guidance throughout the development process.

A few standard options available:

  • Custom Landing Pages – Your landing page is your entry into the portal. Customize the look and feel to match your branding when rolling out the platform to your own supply chain or vendors.
  • Platform Enhancements – Via our development and change control process, we can provide both advice and training on Assessor IT related enhancements and changes and integrate ad hoc advice to review and advise on “design” enhancements.
Supply Chain Rollout Support Whether your supply chain has one or one hundred companies involved, rolling out a complete sustainability program might be beyond the capabilities of your current support team. To aid in this rollout, we have designed a detailed supply chain roll-out consulting program that includes:

  • Preparation and provision of roll out material, including customization for your branding
    • Briefing pack for suppliers
    • Briefing pack for internal use – contract managers
    • Preparation of frequently answered questions and answers
  • Provision of roll out support service
    • Supplier briefing session(s)
    • Contract manager briefing session(s)
    • Supplier report debriefing
    • Support to contract managers for supplier report briefing
  • Provision of program support – data analysis and advisory services plus ad hoc program roll out support as required.
Sustainability / CSR Audit Preparation Consulting Our CSR / sustainability specialists will conduct a review of supplier material, including:

  • Performance data
  • Supplier presentation material
  • Review of completed data collection templates
  • Provide feedback and suggestions on how to best to respond to customer inquiries

Can be conducted remotely or onsite.

Customer Imposed Requirements Review and Corrective Action Planning Put our consulting team to the test, by allowing us to review with suppliers how to meet customer-imposed requirements and corrective actions. We will assist the supplier to understand the reasons behind the requirements and how best to respond to the customer appropriately rather than just conducting a “quick fix” as required by the customer. Analysis and review can be conducted remotely.

Contact us today for any of the above consulting and training services.

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